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Argan Oil is a Soothing Treatment for Cancer Patients

Cancer Infographic

Cancer Infographic

Whilst undergoing chemotherapy for Cancer, my little sister would often tell me that she felt sore and suffered with flu like symptoms a few days into her treatment. Like anyone who sees a member of their family in distress I accessed the internet to see if I could find a suitable remedy that would not interfere with her medication or cause her discomfort in any way.

Pure Argan Oil

I read many articles on all kinds of different products and sourced one which seemed to be the answer to lots of differing skin conditions. It is Pure Argan Oil, the Moroccan miracle oil I call it because being mild and light it is quickly absorbed into the skin. My little sister has ‘Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma’ and Argan Oil is excellent for massage.


We both live at home so every morning and evening when she takes her bath once she is dry and feeling comfortable, I tell her to relax and lie on her bed then I apply a few drops of Moroccan Argan oil to my palms and very gently massage the oil into her skin, taking great care around the lymph glands not to put too much pressure here as these areas are particularly sensitive for her.

She loves nothing more than a full body massage and it’s the least I can do for her at the moment. My sister has such a wonderful good nature and is so stoic in the face of this terrible illness. When she is having a good day and feeling energetic, which is mostly between chemo treatments, she even massages me or our Mum and even one day did the dog; who loved it.

Why We Love Argan Oil

We all love Argan Oil for its pureness, lightness and moisturising benefits. Whatever chemotherapy does for some people I can only say that when she is feeling well – on her good days – my little sister looks radiant. She loves the softness of her skin, as she felt the chemotherapy much as it was helping her, was also taking away her natural skin moisture. We guess if chemo is fighting her Cancer then thank goodness it is available on the NHS in this country. Pure Argan Oil should be too as it is chemical free and full of anti-oxidants. There are many websites online selling this oil but only a few actually sell pure oil.

Who Uses Argan Oil

I bought several before settling on Pure Argan oil. A couple of the ones I tried were for culinary purposes and my sister said “you’re not using that on me.” Another one was highly perfumed and as I suspected full of parabens. I had to be careful and I finally found a site that imports Pure Argan Oil from Morocco to Scotland. Fortunately they ship worldwide. I discovered that Argan Oil is widely popular in Scandinavia and Scotland because it acts as an excellent balm and sooths mosquito and midge bitten skin (the midge is the Northern European equivalent of the mosquito). Argan oil reduces redness and inflammation from the stinging bites of these little critters.

My sister loves its non-greasy, lightness and moisturising qualities. We want to spread the word.